feedstimulants - Lactose Powder Milchzucker 1kg
Milk sugar is found mainly in cow milk and is formed from galactose and glucose, it is a major component of whey powder. Like all sweeteners this is a proven carp feeding trigger. Works very well with milk protein baits, it may become addictive. 
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feedstimulants - Liquid Thaumatin Protein Sweetner

This is a very strong protein sweetener. The sweetening ingredient, thaumatin, is 2000-3000 sweeter than sugar. It builds very slowly and lingers for a very long time without any bitter after-taste, for this reason it is being used in chewing gum for instance. 

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feedstimulants - Fructose Powder - Natürlicher Fruchtzucker 1kg

Fructose is a well proven feeding stimulator, improves palatability of feed and acts as an instant energy source. This additive has a stronger sweet taste sensation than sacharose and glucose, enhances fruity flavors and masks any bitterness.

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feedstimulants - Stevia Butterscotch Sweetner Powder
An all natural stevia sweetener powder, butterscotch flavoured. This intens sweetener will improve the palatability of any bait to great effect, without bitter after taste. Great to use in conjunction with sweet flavours, for example liquid creamy butterscotch. Product character: cream coloured, free-flowing powder, butterscotch note, 100% soluble in water,
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feedstimulants - Pure NHDC Powder  - Pulver bitte wählen in 25g, 50g od. 250g
Intens sweet with a slightly creamy flavour. Around 1500/1800 times sweeter than table sucre. The sweetness of this product will linger in the mouth for some time, without any bitter aftertaste. This sweetner is well known for having a strong synergistic effect when used in conjunction with other (artificial) sweetners. NHDC usage boosts the effects of these sweeteners at lower concentrations than would otherwise be required
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