Attraktoren und Stimulatoren

Attraktoren und Stimulatoren
feedstimulants - Superstim 100ml oder 500ml
This liquid is the latest of the next generation concentrated feeding triggers. It is a complete new feeding trigger, the latest innovation from the fish farming industry, somewhat similar to DMPT. Only this is not as strong as DMPT, meaning the more you use the better the attraction will become! But do not exceed the maximum advised inclusion level. It acts mainly
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feedstimulants - Lecithin Powder watersoluble 250g
Soy Lecithin powder, water/oil soluble
A completely water- and oil soluble emulsifier. The very best of all lecithin powders we have tried. Due to its character you will need to use less of this powder than you would with standard emulsifiers (powder or liquid). Product character: yellow / light brown fine powder, hygroscopic, watersoluble.
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feedstimulants - Pure Piperine Powder 5g

This substance is the essence of our use of black pepper in carp bait. The piperine in black pepper makes bait thermogenic, boosting in this way the metobolic system of fish. Especially used in winter time to get fish more alive, and eat more. 

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feedstimulants - n´Butyric Acid rein 100ml oder 500ml(Buttersäure)
This is a truly amazing carp attractor and one of the most effective. Even at very low doses carp can easily detect this additive when its buried in bottom silt, it is that powerfull. It is a totally natural organic acid which boosts the acid taste with a sweet aftertaste. n-Butyric acid is an additive not to be ignored, it has the potential to improve your catch results many times over. Product character: very pungent stinky smell, completely watersoluble.
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feedstimulants - MSG (pure monosodium glutamin) 250g Dose oder 1kg Beutel
MSG is derived from fermented seaweed a well-known feeding trigger and taste enhancer, much like salt. This enhances the taste of feed, primarily the savoury (umami) aspect and it intensifies the taste of amino acids. It consist mainly of the amino acid glutamate, the anion 
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feedstimulants  - ISO Eugenol 25ml oder 100ml
Iso eugenol is a natural extract of clove and it also occurs in the essential oil of plants like ylang ylang. Carp taste their food by chemo reception. This means they do not actually smell the flavour of the food like us, but the chemical base of that flavour like alcohol, glycerine, iso eugenol, vanillin, amino acids etc. It is not the flavour that attracts
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feedstimulants - Keramine HD Powder 250g oder 1kg
A rather new feed inducing stimulant used in carp fishing. High in free and very digestible L-amino acids; up to around 50%. It will enhance the palatability and can be used to great efffect with any mix, sweet, fishy, spicey etc. Product character: lightbrown very fine powder, fishy aroma, appr 80%-90% water-soluble, pH 4.5. 
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